Educational Asset Management

What are educational asset I hear yourself ask. Of course the financial element could simply be your fixed assets, estate and building . At EA we believe in holistic planning of educational assets to ensure your entire organisation is aligned to you your strategy. In EA terms educational assets relate to human, financial and estate assets. To bring the best out of any organisation your organisation needs to be aligned with your strategy at all levels of operating functions. Your organisational capacity must also expand and contract seamlessly as it re-scales to its new future.
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The Educational Academy team can offer:
  • Strategic alignment reviews
  • Educational asset management options for improvement and transformation
  • Estate planning and maximising asset release
  • Strategic capacity planning to help align your operational capability
  • Strategic planning and operational task management
  • Pivot and transition options for planning or transformation
  • Holistic educational asset planning
Our Goal Orientated Action Listing (GOAL) system provides a structured approach to rebuilding strategic value and direction using unstructured activities and data. Using the GOAL analysis system quickly identifies and aligns an organisation's effectiveness and transformation options to allow modelling and priorities to be developed across a rage of disciplines and seniority levels.

Our services are offered through day rates over short and longer term assignments.