About Company

Education Academy provides strategic and operational education products and services.

The aim is to provide a simple set of solutions to educational providers from all levels of educational delivery. We provide advice, guidance and development in establishing appropriate integration of our products and services for learning in a digital age that delivers real skills development and sound application of the knowledge learnt. Our expertise cover sales and recruitment, business development, quality assurance and estates management. We have successfully developed strategic option reviews to aid in financial stewardship, governance and transition. \we can offer advice and guidance on quality assurance and operational management challenges through consultancy support or as interim appointments. All our staff are experienced consultants in their own right

James MacAskill

Business Strategist & Founder

Dr Macaskill has a career's worth of senior management experience in higher and further education in the UK as well as leading a number of college transformation projects. He has also operated at director level within digital and traditional marketing, overseas partnerships, knowledge management and business development.

James Ling

IT Specialist & Founder

James has a breadth of experience within the IT services sector especially within blue chip companies and complex international businesses. His knowledge are invaluable in establishing your IT infrastructural needs, client management systems, bespoke services, web development, SEM and outsourcing opportunities through our group and associated companies.

Mike Rayner

Property and Estate management

Mike has been in property management and development for over 25 years and has experience of facilities management and asset management and advising on appropriate estate development plans and strategies.