Strategic Option Reviews

Strategic direction in education can sometime feel like a long sea journey with out a map. Full of peaks and troughs and multiple changes of direction along the way. More often than not the destination harbour changes in mid stream. Thus Senior managers need to have a firm handle in the overall strategic direction of their institution as well as a solid perspective on their stakeholder landscape. This results in a complex arrangement of capacity planning and targets to ensure a high quality of learning environment is maintained. It may also require your organisation to diversity away from more traditional subjects into new and expanding areas. Managing the transition and the human dimension will affect you, your team and the moral within the organisation. Educational Academy has a rich experience in transition management, setting up strategic option reviews to capture the future options available for all your educational assets. Transitions and option reviews will normally have potential to impact on your entire institutional community: human, built environment and financial dimension together with a range of external stakeholders. Understanding risk and mitigating future plans with simple and straightforward Strategic Option and Risk Management tools will help in making some of these key decisions. These tools promote better communication with strategic stakeholders. For support in restructuring your organisation or simply bringing a fresh pair of eyes to a major future risk please contact us on 020 7097 3161