CIPS Training and Development

Excellence in Procurement and Supply training and development

The Educational Academy has been a CIPS accredited Study Centre and Exam Centre for over 10 years, delivering high quality training to corporate and individual students.

Approachable and qualified Tutors

All our tutors are experienced procurement and supply specialist from the private and public sectors. All tutors are MCIPS qualified and we can tailor our training formats to suit the needs of our clients.

Courses Offered

We cover all aspects of the CIPS qualification provision:
  • Level 2 Certificate in Procurement and Supply Chain Operations
  • Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Chain Operations
  • Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply
  • Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply
  • Level 6 Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply
  • Level 4 Apprenticeship in Commercial Procurement and Supply

Starting dates and Enrolment

We have a rolling intake each month and subject to type of programme offered we will try to meet you start date wherever possible. As a result of the CIPS syllabus revisions it is now possible to take your study module exam more frequently and we will assist you in streamlining these to make efficient use of your study time. Once you have completed your application and enrolment forms, we can register you on the course.

Study support available

We offer a range of study plan options:
  • Remote learning - where you study independently with online tutorial support
  • Blended learning - where you use a combination of online resources and tutorial support
  • Classroom learning - where you attend a study centre to gain face-to-face support from your tutors
  • In-house learning - where you employer organises sessions for study within the work environment
  • Block learning - where you sign up for an intensive block of study over a compressed number of days
  • Work-based training - particularly related to apprenticeship study support


We are pleased to announce the the development of our new apprenticeship partnership arrangements to deliver Level 4 Apprenticeships in Commercial Procurement and Supply . This apprenticeship fits neatly into work and study to gain the benefits of applying your learning in the workplace. The Government supports your study through the Apprentice Levy scheme, which means that your fees for the professional CIPS Level 4 qualification and your personal study tutor support through your apprenticeship will be funded. To be eligible you do need to be employed by a company, the size of the company is not important. As an apprentice you will begin to understand how organisations negotiate, manage budgets and the different forms of business you might be involved with during your career. This apprenticeship is about sourcing and contract agreements, supplier management and category management. This apprenticeship is a really valuable component of any career and to any organisation public or private sector; large or small. The knowledge and skills you develop, directly contribute to the profitability of an organisation and the quality of its products. Follow the link here for more information about our CIPS programmes or visit the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Training for more information about the apprenticeship scheme.

Fees and Charges

We have a very simple approach to study fees and charges. Each version of the method of study chosen is based on a per credit studies fee. Simply multiply the fee with the number of credits for that module and you can easily calculate your fee. There are no extra charges for studying with us. Of course, there are some additional costs for you to consider as part of gaining your actual award and these are related to examination charges and CIPS membership fees.

Exam Centre

In our role as an exam centre the new syllabus requires you to sit computer-based exams rather than the traditional paper-based ones historically used. This requires a more technical solution to be able to offer you an appropriate exam centre and results in limiting our places. As our own students have priority, you may need to book an exam at another centre should spaces become limited. We will of course inform you about whether we can provide you with a space to sit your exam with us at the time of your enrolment. So, register early to guarantee your exam centre place. For detailed information please visit here to more specific information. You can always contact our Enquiry Centre on 0207 0973161 to discuss you precise requirements.