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The UK National Health Service remains a global powerhouse when it comes to spending power and scale of operations. The NHS spends £116 billion each year and employs over 1.6 million people. If the NHS was a country it would rank around 59th (out of 197 countries) in GDP terms using nominal data.

Of all the global sovereign states it would rank around 150th in population terms. It has huge purchasing power, a significant economic multiplier effect, one major employer and potentially offers tremendous innovation and spin-out potential Thus, it is only natural for Lord Carter to use a quasi economic vocabulary.

However, if it were a country it would have the IMF on its doorstep.

The recent government Green Paper FULFILLING OUR POTENTIAL: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice, throws open the challenges faced by the current highly stratified HE sector. For greater insight into these challenges, ready the Green Paper here

It is set to bring the traditional university structure into conflict with the new breed of corporate or private institutions. Russell group members are already setting out the drive for equality of learning and access to learning from disadvantaged groups through their traditional definition of excellence and often privileged perspective.

19 Universities in Scotland working with QAA Scotland are testing out new ways for student assessment incorporating beast of breed technology. The government's Green Paper highlights the importance of getting assessment right if the student learning experience is to be of the highest quality. Indeed the work of QAA Scotland on assessment and feedback policy and practice is helping Scottish Universities to improve the quality of the learner environment
15 December

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