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16 July

Steps to GOAL Success

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In a previous article the M4siz strategic review process GOAL (Goal Orientated Action List) was introduced as a straightforward way of aligning strategy with operational planning. In this article we outline the process steps and in a series of future articles the way you can apply this tool to your business.

GOAL is a system that can be used at a corporate or personal level to drive your goals and ambition. In setting strategy there must be a clear vision for the shape of the business in the future and in many cases this will necessitate a change management process. Common to both these aspects of management is the need to unlock the business to be ready to undertake change or to be innovative and creative in setting new directions for the company. Once your minds are liberated to the future and freed from existing commercial pressures the process can proceed. This phase can be done quickly or may take several attempts to set a new direction. However, at the end of the process you may have a picture of what your ultimate goal looks like or even tastes like but you will undoubtedly not have all the compass bearing to take you there. Indeed you may only have bits of the route map in place. GOAL is a method to allow creativity around issues while setting out clear compass bearings and route maps to you goals. It will also help you review your progress and direction along the way, know when you have reached a milestone in your journey and it is time to move on to the next stage and not bask too long in the glory of achieving that stage of the plan.

The steps

Stage 1: Setting the challenge and being creative
Stage 2: Setting the issues agenda
Stage 3: Prioritising the issues
Stage 4: Clustering issues
Stage 5: Developing the road map
Stage 6: Destination pathway
Stage 7: Review, Update, Amend
Stage 8: Peer support systems

Stage 1: Setting the challenge and being creative

Making change happen is a simple story with a beginning, middle and end. Therefore, the first stage in the GOAL process is to create a list of options that create a picture for your challenge for the day. There might need to be a pre-session to agree from a list of challenges how to agree and prioritise each workshop. This process unlocks your thinking about your company and your goals.


1. On your note pad write down the issues that are preventing your business from growing and fold over the page and put to one side;
2. Discuss the challenge as a group;
3. Draw a representation of what the current situation is and how you imagine it might look like in the future.


1. Agreed vision for the challenge
This step acts both to create and set a new challenge and allows you to review how well your team aligns to the original strategic challenge and intent.

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