Senior Management support?

Each member of our team has held senior management and leaderships roles with in their career.

Governance Issues?

Need help to resolve Governance and Stakeholder landscape issues. Our team has supported major institutions through major periods of change.

New business models?

Have confidence in our powerful team to actually deal with your challenges as they have a wealth of experience in domestic and international markets and a track record in providing robust management solutions .

Quality Risk Management?

Over the years our team have developed an efficient process of discovery for managing institutional audits and quality challenges. This transparent approach quickly identifies the key questions and allows an efficient solution delivery against agreed milestones and outcomes.

Who we are?

A group of seasoned senior managers well equipped to help you create high-performance teams and a globally competitive product portfolio. We work hard to help you build teams and provide an excellent and qualified customer services experience.

Why us? - been there done that

  • We've completed strategic option reviews
  • We've managed quality audits and written the documents
  • We've built teams and developed them
  • We've built virtual learning experiences and international partnerships
  • We've managed senior governance and stakeholder issues
  • We've briefed and advised on web site development and digital marketing


I have used their services and have found the team supportive but authorative when required. Their solutions are communicated clearly and training and support is provided where it is thought necessary to implement the project completely.
College Secretary

Our Service

Consulting and Interim roles

Let our experience help you with an external view or skills gaps.

Validation and Audit services

Whether for pre-audit or assisting with the creation of accredited programmes, we have a necessary range of expertise.

Strategic Options Reviews

We can assist in developing a greater understanding of your stakeholder landscape and your strategic options.

Educational asset management

Make the most of integrating your educational assets with your business model to improve agility.

Training & Workshops

Let us help with strategic communication, training of staff to understand their role in your stakeholder landscape .

People power

Your people are your brand . Let's develop individual and team skills and get your message out effectively

For all your leadership and development support requirements from our great team of educational experts Contact us now !


Dr Jamie MacAskill

CEO - Founder

Ric Robinson-Horley

Marketing Director

James Ling

Chief Technology Officer

Wayne Herring

Procurement specialist

Want to work with us? Email us, give us a call on +44 (0) 208 144 3496 or visit us.

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